1961 Triumph TR3

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1961 Triumph TR3A    VIN  TS 52551

Red with black interior; 4 speed manual transmission; steel disk wheels and wheel covers; one of only 58,236 “large mouth” TR3s built 1957- 1961. Enjoy this as a “driver” or treat this to a cosmetic restoration. This appears to be a well preserved TR3 in “roadster” mode: no top, side curtains, or tonneau cover, old paint, old brightwork and offering a platform for either summer touring or a restoration project. 

The Triumph TR3 is the poster child for postwar sports cars, with its low cut doors and minimalist styling, and a rorty 2 liter motor shifting through four gears like a proper motor car! Nigel, we are ready to RALLY! 

 “These Triumphs offer the unfiltered British roadster experience, with style that belies their diminutive size. Performance that's better than many of their contemporaries makes them enjoyable on the road even today. Simplicity and widespread parts availability help keep them on the road tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, TR3 prices have been quietly sneaking higher but have yet to really skyrocket, leaving plenty of appreciation potential.” Automobile Magazine

“For sheer fun driving, the TR3 for '58 is hard to beat regardless of price.”- Car and Driver, 1958 Road Test

References: Hemmings:  www.hemmings.com/hsx/stories/2012/04/01/hmn_buyers_guide1.html   www.automobilemag.com/features/collectible_classic/1312_collectible_classic_1953_1962_triumph_tr2_tr3/

Sports Car Market:  June 2001

1955-62 Triumph TR3 written by Gary Anderson- excerpted:

The Triumph TR3 may be the last real bargain among English sports cars. For reasons Triumph lovers can't understand but don't complain much about, these cars never caught the tide that swelled prices of Austin-Healeys and Jaguars. Nevertheless, the TR3 offers all the quirky touches so dear to an Anglophile's heart, is capable of hearty performance on secondary roads and interstate speed when necessary, and attracts a large and loyal following of enthusiastic owners.

The prototype Triumph was introduced in 1952 at the same show that introduced the Austin-Healey. It was produced by the stodgy Standard-Triumph Company, known primarily for its dependable family sedans. Sir John Black's Standard Company had rescued the Triumph name from bankruptcy in 1944. Many believe that Black produced the Triumph sports car just to spite William Lyons and Jaguar, which had partnered with Standard to produce the SS sports cars of the 1930s, but went its own way after the war… aggressive development of the TR2s gradually improved the marque, and when the TR3 was introduced in October 1955 it had much to offer the enthusiast who craved an English sports car but was still concerned about his budget. Starting in 1957 the TR3 offered disc brakes on the front wheels-MGAs and Austin-Healeys didn't follow suit until 1959. The TR2's grille opening… was finally replaced on the TR3A in 1958 by a full-width grille that dramatically improved front-end styling.
The four-cylinder, 100-horsepower Vanguard-based engine, more of a step-brother than a descendent of the fabled Vanguard tractor engine, produced sporting performance- the TR3 was capable of 0 to 60 mph in less than 12 seconds and a top speed of 105 mph. Not bad for a car that sold for $2,675.

[In 2001] a very good example of the TR3 or TR3A can be found for less than $15,000. That amount buys a distinctive body style with cut-down doors, a very English interior, a full complement of large, round instruments spread across a flat dash, and the pride of enduring top-down motoring in all weather. The multi-part folding top is only useful to keep the sun off on hot days, and the side curtains only seem to appear as part of the boot equipment at car shows... END

OTHER ITEMS NEEDING ATTENTION ON THIS TR3:   Jack, tool roll? Needs “Coach Key”/ T Handle for opening boot, spare tyre compartment, removing side curtains; part # 386-810 at Moss Motors is $8.29

Spares are available from several sources; here is a listing of the “Big 3” parts specialists:

Moss Motors     Side curtains      www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=29203

                                Tonneau cover: www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=29204  

                                Top assembly:   www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=59515

The Roadster Factory:                    http://trf.zeni.net/TR2TR3Handbook/index.php?menu=&page=1

Victoria British                                   www.victoriabritish.com/features/tc/tc-1961-triumph-tr3-parts.htm

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A very nice original rust free driver!

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