1957 Facel Vega FV3B

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1957 Facel Vega FVS

Facel Vega built 91 FV 3B coupes in 1957-1958.  These cars were the height of exclusive luxury and were powered by the reliable and healthy 260HP Mopar V8, the Poly 301.  In addition, 12 of the 91 coupes built were special narrow body cars, 40mm narrower than the normal coupe, and this example #182 is one of the narrow bodied cars.

the VIN given by Facel is FV3B-57-186 but it is renumbered FV3B-57-H32 for the USA (H32 means that it's the 32th Facel delivered to Hornburg

Production number : 182

Engine number : TY4-056.281 ("056.281" is the Chrysler Corp. number - "TY4" is added by Facel. "TY" means Typhoon.

Automatic gearbox

Original color : Blanc paille (straw white) with black interior

Radio : Pathe Marconi Nr 73147

Sent to Hornburg on Mrch 25th, 1957 via Antwerp (Belgium) onboard S/S Abbedijk

In 1974 This Facel Vega was purchased by plastic mogul and avid car collector, Nick Wagner.  Nick had 192 cars in his lifetime, including 3 Facel Vega’s and 2 300SL Gullwings. 

Since he already had 2 other Facel Vegas, Mr. Wagner wanted more performance and fun from his FVS.  He pulled the original Poly V8 and pushbutton automatic transmission and replaced them with a high performance Mopar 340 V8 and Muncie 4-speed manual gearbox.  Now, he could chase down Mustangs and Z28s at will.  He also added the large Webasto sunroof and painted the car a silver Arctic Blue.  Rumor has it that the FVS was his favorite car of all, having owned it for 40 years.

The current owner bought the car from Mr. Wagner’s estate in 2014 and the car has undergone a complete mechanic systems freshening and it remains a pleasure to drive and almost any drive a special occasion.

Note -  The sale does include #182s original engine (#TY4056281) and automatic transmission.

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