SOLD: 1977 Triumph TR7 Sprint

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1977 Triumph TR7 Sprint Coupe

36,652 miles, ultra- clean. VIN ACW43734UF Chassis T079369CG

4 – valves per cylinder, special engine CL19751UE

Classic Brooklands Green with Tan trim –The special 16 valve motor hiked HP almost 21% over the standard “Wedge” delivering acceleration and top speed to rival the TR8, with the Rover- V8 engine! Only 60 “Sprint” TR7s were built, making them quite rare in the world of Triumphs.

TR7s evoke mixed responses with their remarkable wedge shape, and represented a change from the TR6 built on a chassis design dating to the 1950s – but interestingly, more TR7s were sold than TR6s, which some folks consider the greatest TR sports car! With the sun setting on the empire of British Leyland, the TR7 and TR8 marked the end of the line for the glory of this marque.


This example appears to have the factory original paint and shows evidence of careful garaging and driving only in nice weather, as there is no evidence of any rust, rust repair, or accident damage on the car. The original paint is starting to craze, but overall looks remarkably good for a 37 year old car.  The interior is like new with no rips, tears, or stains in the upholstery.

This TR7 Sprint has been serviced and needs nothing to be enjoyed, except maybe a radio. 


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