SOLD: 1964 MG MGB Race Car

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1964 MG MGB, Race car, converted to right hand drive.  Built by: Lloyd Faust 

This 1964 MG MGB, built as a replica of the factory MG race team cars of the early 1960s, was invited to attend the Monterey Historics in 2000, decked-out with its original BMC Competitions Department (at Abingdon) finery including aluminum alloy door skins, bonnet, and boot lid. At that time, it was fitted with works-style dual (over and under) fuel tanks with a quick-fill fuel cap mounted in the boot lid. The dual fuel tanks aren't used for vintage racing because they lack modern bladders, but parts have been preserved and can be refitted. John drove this car to many victories, including the 2007 Collier Cup Race, Watkins Glen.

Features and Specifications


BMC B-Series, five-main-bearing engine block, nominally 3.16" bore by 3.50" stroke, bored 0.047" over. Carrillo rods and Wiseco forged pistons. Custom ground Crane camshaft (from Targett MotorSport). Titan high ratio (1.625:1) roller rockers (from Targett MotorSport). Dual HS6 (1.75") S.U. carburetors, prepared by Midwest Motorsports. Shortie nylon velocity stacks. Aldon racing distributor with Ignitor module in lieu of breaker points (from Targett MotorSport). Crane Cams XR700 ignition module. MSD Blaster 2 coil. Internal oil pump modified for improved flow, and with bronze drive gear. The current engine was originally built by John, and refreshed by Mike Kusch.


Cambridge Motorsport aluminum radiator.


custom 3-2-1 header.


stock MGB 4-speed with straight cut, close ratio gears.

Rear Axle:

banjo axle with a choice of gear ratios, Salisbury-style clutch type limited slip differential.

Front Susp.:

raised stub axles. Self-lubricating nylon bushes for the lower A-arm and for the trunion. 800 lbs/in springs. 1" anti-sway bar. Standard lever arm shock absorbers, with competition valves. (Note: all these performance parts were from Targett MotorSport.)

Rear Susp.:

leaf springs with centered eyes, reduced from 6 leafs to 4 to soften the spring rate and lower the car. Traction bars and anti-sway bar, both from Targett MotorSport. Custom Panhard bar. Adjustable SPAX telescoping shock absorbers. Self-lubricating nylon bushes for the leaf spring mounting points.


(master) later model MGB (dual-circuit)
(front) EBC grooved and dimpled rotors, with stock calipers. Hawk "blue" pads. Stainless braided hoses.
(rear) MGB drums, with MGB GT slave cylinders, and Carbotech shoes.


Minilite "SportStyle" aluminum wheels. Hoosier "Street T.D." P205/60D14 bias ply tires. (Note: Minilite "MagStyle" wheels were distributed in North America by Targett MotorSport, but the SportStyle wheels shown in this article have been discontinued.)


lightweight lead-acid battery. (No charging system.)


(left to right) Smiths combined oil pressure / water temperature gauge. Westach dual EGT gauge (700-1700F, where the speedometer used to be), period Smiths 0-8000 rpm tachometer (not shown. The Stack tachometer that's shown below has died, and been replaced.) Smiths mechanical oil temperature gauge.

Fuel System:

ATL 11 gallon fuel cell. Holley fuel pump and regulator.

Safety Eqmt.:

Ridgard racing seat. Willans six point Cam Lok harness. Centralized fire extinguisher system.



Racing Class:



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