SOLD: 1972 Triumph TR6

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1972 Triumph TR6 Classic Chrome Bumper Sports Car in the best colors!

Commission No. CC.83306

Mileage shows 40,600 miles.    

1972 TR6 in classic Green with Tan trim and Tan top. Nicely accessorized with luggage rack, machined alloy valve cover, four chrome wire wheels on Pirelli P6000, and Sony radio (with negative ground).

CONDITION appears to be very, very good, with a somewhat older restoration showing a couple of minor paint flaws, and minor paint damage on the driver door, from a broken door catch.  The bright work on this highly desirable chrome bumper car appears excellent, from door handles to Monza type gas cap.  Looks like it is a few years out of the show room, rather than a 43 year old car!

Wonderful classic Triumph for your closest British Car Day or 1,000 mile road tour! With a six cylinder engine the TR6 offers more muscle than the MGB – and is well supported by Triumph clubs and a number of parts specialists.

From  : The Triumph TR6 (1968–76) is a British six-cylinder sports car and the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. This record was then surpassed by the TR7. Of the 94,619 TR6s produced, 86,249 were exported; only 8,370 were sold in the UK.[3]

The bodywork closely resembled that of the previous model, the Triumph TR5, but the front and back ends were squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involving Karmann. This is referred to as a Kamm tail- very common during 1970s era of cars and a feature on most Triumphs. The body shape was similar to the TR4/TR5 except for the rear and front.[4]

All TR6 sports cars featured inline six-cylinder engines.