SOLD: 1957 Porsche 356 A Coupe

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57 Porsche 356 Sunroof Coupe – Aquamarine with red leather interior and rare options

Chassis Number 101010

This 57  Coupe has a unique history, many unique options, is fully documented with zero miles since restoration.  

Car has just completed a full exterior restoration as well as a mechanical refresh.  New Carpet kit also installed.  See description of car by prior owner below for full history and details.

 Current Highlights.

4 Owner Car

Copy of Kardex – Aquamarine w/red.  Two Mirrors.

Porsche Certificate of authenticity

Car restored to original Aquamarine Blue

All rust issues repaired including new longitudinal

All original body panels retained.  Hood, Doors, Trunk, Engine Lid, even the Hinge panels retain the 010 stamp.

Bright metal re-chromed.  Over Rider bars, Window trim, door handles 

Mechanical refresh where required.  Brakes, clutch, wiring

Rare Twin stalk turn signals

Dash Badge commemorating a visit to Porsche family home

Original Mfg Badge

Hueur Rally Gages

Rare Chrome Halda Speedpilot

Diplomat Corp plate

Original to car owner’s manual

Complete set of Keys

Well over $60,000 spent on the restoration

All receipts included

Boxes of history and receipts from prior owner.

Includes date coded wheels in blue

Includes chrome date coded Fuch’s/Empie Wheels in chrome.  Chrome needs to be redone

Original Radio in box.  Don’t know if it functions

Not an original engine.  Engine number: 715495 

Original Transmission 154=6

Full Description of car by prior owner.:

1957 Porsche 356A Sunroof Coupe. Chassis 101010

An original Sunroof coupe with factory Certificate of Authenticity documentation.

Original 3 Owner Car.

Never Any Accidents.

Originally Beautiful Aquamarine and Red. Repainted Silver by prior owner in 1963 and freshened up by present owner in 1999.

DERRINGTON Wood Rim Steering Wheel.

VERY RARE Twin Stalk Turn Signals.

Chrome HALDA Speedpilot (only available in 1957).

HEUER Dash Mounted 24 Hour Master Time.

HEUER Dash Mounted Sebring Stopwatch.

Original Roadside Rally Reflectors in Metal Case for Emergency Use.

Matching Number Opening Panels. (010)

COMPLETE Set of Keys (possibly unique).

MARCHAL Air Horns.

Repro Tool Kit.

Drivers Handbook.

Parts Manual.

Joe Leoni Electrical Schemantics.

Original Osram Metal Bulb Holder (NOS), that was included with each new car that was sold.

Original Spare Set of Bosch Black Thread Spark Plugs in Bosch Case (NOS), this was included with each new car that was sold.



Sold in 1957 by Concours Motors, Milwaukee to customer.

Concours was owned by Bill Wuesthoff who raced Porsche's at Sebring, mostly 718 - RS 60's (1961-1962), for Porsche Car Imports along with Augie Pabst and Bruce Jennings as well as a privateer in over 100 races, including the Nurburgring, Road America, Meadowdale, etc., etc..

First owner installed rally equipment including a rare Chrome Halda Speedpilot and Heuer 24 Hour Mastertime as well as a Sebring Stopwatch on the glove box.

He also installed a Derrington wood rimmed steering wheel with the rare double stalk turn signal and flasher combo that he got from Concours Motors and Marchal air horns.

Wuesthoff bought the car back for his personal use in 1959 and installed engine *P715495* sometime in the early-mid 60's. Being a works driver and dealer he had access to everything Porsche had to offer and a B engine was superior to an A engine in so many ways. Now we know better but that was then, this is now.

During the mid 60's (1963) the car was shipped to the Porsche family home where a cloisonné Zell-am-See badge was attached to the dash to commemorate the visit.

Present owner bought the car in 1997 with 21,587 miles when a full mechanical restoration was done between 1997-99 in preparation for living abroad.

In 2000 the car was shipped to Geneve, Switzerland, via France, when owner was posted to the UN Diplomatic Corp. Instead of the usual, and ugly plastic current, CD Plate a very rare period "Oval" was obtained and mounted - much to the annoyance of the UN Bureaucracy who are not known to bend rules. On the other hand Porsche people are not accustomed to hearing "no" for an answer...



NEVER Any Accidents

FULL mechanical restoration - Drive Anywhere, Anywhere.

Engine (Dick Weiss),

Transmission (Mile Robbins),

Suspension (Vic Skirmants),

Z Bar Powder coated.

Koni's, etc.

Dual Braking System for Safety.

Mileage of 28,252 is somewhat accurate. I say somewhat because the speedometer cable broke and I drove it a few thousand miles before replacing it. More miles will be put on weather permitting....

All work that was done and all the receipts are present as well as before and after engine specs. Some of the old parts were retained and are included.

Only the BEST parts were used. Sodium Filled Valves, ARP Fasteners, Big Bore, Mild and tractable Elgin Cam, Full Flow Oil System using a cast alloy finned Fram Head and a removable Cannon Filter Housing of the HP 6 size.(adds a full quart of oil to the system), 40 IDA Webers, Powder Coating, Cadmium (not bright zinc but realCadmium) Plating, etc.

The Weber's have beautiful Period Alloy Velocity Stacks with a Wire Mesh "Bubble," that are covered by Cast and Finned Alloy Air Cleaner Housings. THAT"S attention to detail...

There are 3 full binders of receipts and documents that go with the car.

Still retains the original RED LEATHER interior which is in Excellent condition as is the headliner and other soft trim.

Very very presentable, car will drive anywhere as the engine, transmission and suspension were all redone with ALL new parts.

The car has PERFECT gaps and has never been taken apart. The opening panels are all matching numbers (010) and all the glass is original to this car.


It comes with rare chrome 5.5 inch Fuchs wheels (not Brazilian Mangels) with Dunlop 185/65/15 tires as well as the correct date coded spare and Michelin X Spot.

Being owned by a dealer (1959-1997) all Porsche parts were used during it's lifetime. No "Home Depot" hardware or other non Porsche parts used.

Current Owner bought the car in 1997 and continued to use only Porsche parts whenever possible.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a genuine T1 -2 sunroof coupe (originally, but not currently, in the most attractive color - Aquamarine) that has period and correct rally equipment since new along with some rare accessories and an impeccable and interesting history including a Factory Works Driver and Diplomatic Service. A car that has had ALL the mechanical work done.

For a LOT more money, you probably can find a better car but you can't buy history, ownership, color or provenance, period. It's the right car with the right equipment and the right history, no excuses.

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